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Kat Lazo is a director, producer and host. The Colombian-Peruvian New Yorker has made a name for herself as the Internets favorite no-nonsense Latina who tells it how it is - in front and behind the camera.

She transitioned her popularity as a YouTuber into a thriving career as a video producer. With more than 7 years of digital video production experience, her work has been featured in The Daily News, Huffpost, Latina Magazine and Buzzfeed just to name a few. And as a host Kat has worked and partnered with the likes of U by Kotex, Thrillist and Bustle.

As a video producer for the Latino digital platform Mitú, she's most known for her series - "The Kat Call". She developed and hosted “The Kat Call” series, where she debunked taboos and misconceptions about the Latino community. Within 3 seasons, the series has garnered more than 15 million views.

Most recently Kat has worked as the associate producer on a feature documentary about Reggaetón by Mass Appeal.

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With 5 years of speaking at college campuses and corporate events, Kat has specialized addressing privilege with the Latinx community, creating digital content for social change and breaking into video production as a WOC.

Kat is currently booking her first speaking tour.
The Kat Call: Calling Us Out” explores what inspired Kat to create the viral series “The Kat Call” and how acknowledging the different ways Latinx embody both oppression and privilege can bring us all closer to liberation.